2018 Japanese Movie Release Dates: DCEU Edition

“When does this come out in Japan?”

It’s a question comic book movie fans living here dread asking, especially as the answer is often weeks if not months after the US release.

While Marvel films, especially the MCU and to a lesser extent the X-Men series, have slowly seen their release dates pushed closer to those of US theaters, the DC Extended Universe has failed to gain much traction.

Still we wouldn’t want to deny fans of the beleaguered franchise their fix, so here’s when you can expect to find the lone DC release of 2018 to hit Tokyo theaters:

Aquaman: ??? (US: December 21st, 2018)

Jason Momoa is ripped and tattooed and presumably swims a bit, and that’s all we at Nerdy Tokyo really know because we never bothered to see Justice League! We’re clearly not alone as it’s only pulled in about $8 million from Japanese theaters, a paltry figure compared to Wonder Woman‘s impressive $12 million take.

Late December is a dead end for American nerd tent poles that aren’t called Star Wars, and considering the DCEU’s lukewarm reception in Japan it’s not likely that those of you awaiting the film will be voyaging to Atlantis before 2019.

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