CONTEST: United runs poll for IMAX revival

With IMAX screens at a premium in Tokyo, moviegoers often have to act fast if they want to see Hollywood blockbusters on the big(ger) screen.

Fortunately, United Cinemas is offering fans a second chance to see their favorite film in a poll running through January 3rd.

The top four results will be re-screened at United Cinemas Toshimaen (as well as Urawa) from February 3 at a special rate of ¥1500, which is ¥800 less than a normal IMAX screening.

Additionally, 20 respondents will receive a free IMAX ticket.

Users can vote for one of the following titles:

The Dark Knight




Mad Max: Fury Road

Jurassic World


The Martian



La La Land

King Kong: Skull Island

The Fast & the Furious

Spider-Man: Homecoming


Blade Runner 2049

The poll requires some basic Japanese but nothing too special.

Our early prediction to win the poll is Mad Max: Fury Road, which gained such a cult following in Japan that one theater purchased ¥60 million in new speakers for rescreenings earlier this year.

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