EVENT: Toys, Toys, Toys at Super Festival 76 (Jan 7th, 2018)

Super Festival

Interested in Japanese toys, both vintage and modern? Skip the lucky bag sales on January 7th and head over to the Science Museum in Chiyoda-ku for Super Festival 76.

Organized by local toy dealers Art Storm, Super Festival takes place three times a year in Tokyo as well as once a year in Osaka.

Visitors can expect dozens of dealers selling vintage toys from both Japan and overseas, including kaiju of all shapes and sizes, figures from various tokusatsu series, and western properties such as Transformers.

Super Festival is also a great spot to pick up the latest releases from Japanese, Asian, and Western sofubi toy designers. Among those confirmed for SF76 are the ultra-popular Shoko Nakazawa, sofubi kings Sunguts, cryptid maniacs SCIENCE PATROL, and Tokyo-based American sofubi creator GRODY SHOGUN.

There are also a number of tokusatsu-related guests, including Ultraman actress Yuriko Hishimi and Kamen Rider actors Takeshi Sasaki and Toru Okazaki.

Our tips:

  1. Be sure to dress warmly if you plan on waiting outside for the 10:30am opening!
  2. There are two lines: one to buy your ticket (pamphlet) and one to get inside. If you go with a friend, send one person to buy tickets while the other gets a spot in line.
  3. Less-than-savory flippers and resellers will occasionally try to butt in line – hold your ground!
  4. Ask permission before taking photos in any booths.

Super Festival 76

When: January 7th, 2018 (Open 10:30, Close 16:00)

Where: Science Museum, Tokyo 1F (nearest stations: Takebashi, Kudanshita)

Price: ¥1500y (Adult), ¥800y (Children)

More Info: Official Website, Official Twitter (both Japanese)

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